Relevant Strategies for your Business

Is Starts with a Plan

Whether you are planning something as simple as a page on your website, or complex as a new Dealership-it should beign with a plan.  Identifying what success look like, before the job begins, ensures that money is not wasted in improper execution.  It also provides for review points that check progress against the plan.  

Relevant Dealer creates a Game Plan that is specific to each Partner.  This plan documents opportunities and the course of action.  Since it is shared with our Partners-it ensures we stay on the same page while providing transparency.  

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Let the Data Speak for Itself

Part of planning is to identify what success will look like and how it will be measured.  Measurement should be specific.  What is the baseline?  How will it improve.  Regardless of your Marketing campaign, regardless of the Channel (SEO, Paid Search, etc) you spend the money to get improvement.  

Analytics are advanced, so should your Partner in Digital success.  Measuring Page visits, time on site and bounce rate is not enough.  

Relevant Dealer believes that Campaigns should be identified, before they are started, in how they will affect business.  Core, Engagement or Conversion.  Each model is measurable, and each identify effectiveness.  

Use all of the Data

Relevant Dealer ensures that we are looking at all of the relevant data for your business.  Most of our clients do not have access to the tools to really measure success.  (Even though they are free)  We set our Partners up as Owners to thier data systems.  

We then bring the data sources together into a single reporting platform, and give ownership to the Platform.  The data is shaped, in the Platform, for Business Leaders to understand the information quickly-so they can get back to running the Business.

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Truly Relevant Reporting
Relevant dealer vdp report

Each Business is different, so is our reporting.  We create each page of the report manually to ensure accuracy and relevance to the Business’ needs.  This provides a consistent measurement guide in all areas of marketing, regardless if your Business has one, or multiple Partners in Marketing.