Relevant Reporting

Reporting Dashboard

Just what every Dealer needs is another Dashboard. What if you could combine data from a host of different sources and bring that information together to make decisions easily, more confidently and without worry that it would impact your sales, service or reputation?

We understand that every vendor coming in provides you a different login, different portal and all thinks that there’s is the best. The Largest challenge is that information is in a silo. The source of the information is unclear and trying to verify it is difficult at best. Relevant Dealer takes the information from all the sources YOU care about and brings it together so the information can be compared against each other.

Relevant Dealer Reporting Strategy

Bringing Your Data Together

Inventory, CRM, DMS, Website Analytics, Ad Spend, Social. These silos take time to explore and the data within each are easy to get lost in without understanding what resulted in more closed ROs and Vehicle Sales. For most Dealers this REPLACES tools they are spending money on with a a solution that you own. Every report we build is custom to you and can be shaped again and again.

You Own The Data

Once the report is built we do not charge monthly fees. The systems you already pay for send information to the secure server systems at regular intervals and update the reporting as the information is available. As tools change in the Dealership, new elements can be added to include those and old data can remain available for comparison.

Unbiased Reporting

Consistency in reporting is important, especially in Auto Groups that use different services at different locations. The Benchmark indicators give you real-world comparisons and allow you to see quickly what is working and where opportunities exist

Enterprise Views

Dealer Groups and Multi-Point Locations have different needs and we can help solve those. We can either provide ranking metrics, or utilize yours, to build essential reporting that does not take hours of manpower to create. This ensures accuracy and allows you the ability to spend your time making changes rather than trying to find them.

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