Relevant TV

OEM Specific Channels + 30 More!

Most Dealerships have more than 1 TV in the Dealership. With Relevant TV you have the choice of programming that ranges from funny animal videos, to sports, breathtaking views and more. In the showroom you can display powerful content curated for and from the Manufacturer–adding sizzle to the experience and engaging the customers while elevating your professional environment.

Relevant Dealer TV

Free TV Service For Your Dealership

No Contracts

You have enough contracts to worry about. With Relevant TV you just simply tell us the Business name and address to send it to. The customized Apple TV is shipped and arrives witheverything you need to get started. All you need is a valid credit card to place on file to help us ensure the device will be returned shoudl you ever decide to cancel.

No Fees

No monthly fees (unless you elect the premium services below). There are no shipping costs, deposits or set-up fees. No catches, no surprises, just great worry free programming that you can set-and forget.

No Wires

You will receive a Customized Apple TV that can be mounted to the back of the TV. Just plug the HDMI into the TV and plug in the apple tv and you are ready to go.

Just Great Content

If you are tired of seeing your competitor’s ad on your TV, or hearing customer’s argue about sports, politics or news-than click the link below. With over 30 channels, including OEM specific just makes sense to have Relevant TV.

Relevant Dealer

Relevant TV offers content that is designed to make time feel like it is passing quickly. This helps to reduce customer frustration and anxiety.

Relevant Dealer

Add your flare. With our Premium services, you can add banners, text,–even custom commercials to inform and entertain.

Bring life to the Service drive while adding abient noise to create a lively environment.

Relevant TV OEM Specific Channels +30 More

Relevant TV Channels