Google Tag Manager for Auto Dealers

Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager for Auto Dealers

Getting Started

Google Tag Manager is daunting.  It has sent shivers down even the most savvy Marketer’s spine as they tried to navigate the unfriendly waters.  As a Partner to Automotive Dealers, ans a Company that was born in the Dealerships of the Midwest, we have felt your pain.  What better way to remove the pain and inject fun than through education.  

Regardless if you are just trying to understand how it works, wanting to measure for yourself or (as we were) tired of wondering what happens behind the veiled wall of data-we will walk you through it.  

This series is devoted to our friends out there in the Automotive Dealerships across the US, but it can in fact be applied to many other sites.  

Get a Google Account

That may seem obvious to most–but we do not want to leave anyone out.  If you didn’t know and were afraid to ask-this is free.  If you already use Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Drive or you have a Android device–you already have one and sure you can use that for any of the Google services including Tag Manager.  

If you are using this for Business though, and specifically a Business you do not own-I woudl recommend that you create one.  If you are setting things up for the first time at the Dealership, and again-you do not own the Dealership, then be a good steward of the Dealership’s finances and set this up under a new account and share the access with the owner.  Whether they appeciate it today, or not, they will some day.  Plus it is the right thing to do.  

To create an account, you can use your company email address, or just create a new gmail account.  

Creating your Google Account

First start off by going to:
Google Account login

On this screen you can either complete the form to create a new account, or your can click on the blue link (below username) to elect to use your email instead.  This will give you the same access to Google accounts without creating a new Gmail account.  

We find it important to express this seperately..  The above represents an important Business decision and is fundamental to the structure of an internal agency, access provisions and Organizational security.  If a Company email is used, and an employee leaves the Organization, the use of password reset will allow Businesses the ability to recover a former employee account.  

Should I spend money on 3rd Party sites?

This questions brings about the revolving door of agreements for many Dealers.  Once upon a time there was just and to consider.  Often we heard of Dealerships signing up for one and canceling the other, only to reverse it months later.  It became a lever to pull and perhaps for some just a method to explain reduction in sales.  

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